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Yomimono contains everything you need to learn Japanese, all in one place. Easy to use, constantly updated and built for beginners.

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What people are saying about Yomimono

From the start, the Yomimono team have been keeping in touch with their userbase, asking for feedback and suggestions, and taking them into account. The way in which they approach new material is sensible. The available, eager to help teacher, and active community make for an amazing learning experience. All backed by the great visuals and easy to understand design of the website.

Alexandre Dorion

Yomimono smartly tackles the study of Japanese from different angles at a time—from symbols and concepts all the way to forming sentences from the get-go. Its developers and the community they created are super kind and knowledgeable, making for an enthusiastic learning experience. It’s exciting to have seen it evolve, and I can’t wait for what it has in store for us!

Jamil Jaar

I am really impressed with the Yomimono team. The site keeps getting better and better, and it is amazing how much you all seem to care about creating the best experience for your users. Feel so lucky to have found you the day you made your first post of reddit.

Jayme Woj


Yomimono's lessons provide you with the kanji, vocabulary, and grammar you can use to start reading Japanese straight away. Lessons contain all aspects of the language and build upon each other to gradually increase your understanding over time.

Multiple methods

Audio examples, written explanations, interactive practice exercises, videos and more. Every lesson contains multiple types of content to assist your learning.

Structured curriculum

Yomimono introduces language concepts in their most basic form and then builds them up over time. Explaining why things work, not just when to use them.

Comprehensive content

Kanji, vocabulary, and grammar. Yomimono covers all aspects of the Japanese language and ensures that nothing is left behind.


In addition to the lessons, Yomimono also provides interactive ways for you to practice your Japanese.

Context based

Yomimono provides a wide range of audio and written examples, allowing you to learn and practice Japanese in context, not isolation.

Suitable for everyone

Yomimono's practice sessions are designed to be easily accessible and useful to everyone. Practice the content that you want to in whatever order you want.

Deep understanding

Japanese to English, English to Japanese, and more. Yomimono covers all the bases, making sure you can understand Japanese in all situations.

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