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A structured approach to learning Japanese that starts your journey off the right way. Combining the comprehension and depth of traditional textbooks with the features and benefits of modern day apps.

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"I've tried to learn Japanese before, but it was too complicated."

Hi! I'm Shiho, a software engineer from Japan. My friend Bryce taught me how to code a while ago, so I thought I'd return the favour and help him learn Japanese - something he's been having trouble with for years.

Like a lot of Japanese learners, his study routine consisted of about a dozen different tools, books, and apps that he used regularly. Because each resource only covered a single aspect of the language, he needed to use a lot of them to cover everything.

Each resource teaches content in it's own order, and so there were a lot of gaps and problems that came up when trying to combine them. He would learn new vocabulary, but not understand any of their kanji. Learn a lot of verbs, but not the grammar to use them. And when he did learn grammar, it was always small and 'bite sized', so there was never any deeper understanding of the core concepts behind how it works.

After spending some time helping him learn Japanese, I wanted to build a better way. One resource that covers all areas of Japanese, and combines the best aspects from all the different tools, textbooks, and apps.

The price of freedom

Here's a common situation you've probably found yourself in when using multiple resources together.

You're studying the grammar point [て-form of a verb + います] and you're given the example sentence '日本語を勉強しています' for you to look at as well. You don't know the vocabulary yet, but there's an English translation, so it isn't too bad.

A couple of weeks later you learn some new vocabulary and you come across the word '勉強する'. You don't recognise it, and you only know one of the kanji, but that's better than not knowing either of them, so you can't complain.

Later on you learn the kanji '強' and you recognise it from the new word you just learned. Wouldn't it have been nice to learn it before the word though? And wouldn't it be even better to learn the word '勉強する' before the grammar, so you could understand the example sentence used?

These situations are extremely common when using multiple resources together. It's not the end of the world, but it is frustrating and needlessly inefficient. There should be a better way.

Most Japanese resources are missing the mark

They teach you a single aspect of Japanese such as vocabulary or grammar, and leave you with the responsibility of making sure you cover everything. But if you don't know Japanese, how are you supposed to make sure you're not missing anything? You don't know what you don't know.

Seeing how Bryce, and so many others, struggle to learn Japanese, I knew that I could do better. So we teamed up and did just that. I handled all of the Japanese content, and Bryce handled the tech.

Since it's inception, thousands of people have used Yomimono and improved their Japanese. We've received overwhelmingly positive feedback while we built it, and now it's ready.

As a student of the Japanese language for almost three years, I struggled balancing the handful of programs, flashcard apps, and books. Yomimono provides all of it in one place, and I've already regained the foundations I lost in the mix. Yomimono is without a doubt the most effective and cohesive Japanese language program.

Stephen M.

What we've built

It's not just an online course - it's everything you need to learn Japanese.

Building a single resource that covers all aspects of Japanese, cleanly integrates them all together, and still manages to be high quality is a lot of work. And it was. We've spent the better part of two years building Yomimono.

Most online courses are little more than a couple of hours of video. You'll be expected to pay hundreds of dollars for something you can work through in a weekend. Ours is different.

What we've managed to create is much more similar to an online textbook than it is to a regular course. It combines all of the great aspects of traditional textbooks such as their structure and depth, together with the features of modern day apps and tools such as interactive practice exercises and a spaced repetition system.

Here's what it's like...


80 long, in-depth lessons covering more Japanese than most beginner textbooks.

Every lesson consists of in-depth explanations of Japanese kanji, vocabulary, and grammar, along with plenty of example sentences, and native Japanese audio.

Our lessons start out by introducing grammar points in their most simple form, and then slowly and methodically building them up. Concepts you learn early are constantly referenced and expanded upon in later lessons.

Every new word you learn will only contain kanji you've been taught. And every example sentence you're given will only contain words you already know. You'll never find yourself in over your head.

Full table of contents

1. です, tense and plurals2. Topic marker particle3. Past tense of です: でした4. Negative forms of です: じゃないです5. Forming questions6. Numbers7. Basic greetings8. The の particle9. Adjectives part 110. Adjectives part 2


What good is learning without the practice.

Hundreds of interactive practice exercises containing thousands of different questions help reinforce what you've learned through the lessons.

Every kanji, vocabulary, and grammar point has multiple practice exercises covering both Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese. Different types of questions such as multi-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and sentence-building provide you with the variety needed for practice to remain fun.


How many times have you finished a lesson, but have been unsure of whether or not you're ready to continue?

Every lesson in our curriculum has an associated lesson test, a series of questions designed to ensure that you fully understand the lesson and all of it's content. Giving you the perfect signal of when to move on, or when to stay for a bit longer.

Lesson tests are made even better by the addition of our spaced repetition system. This ensures that you'll be able to easily and efficiently retain what you've learned as you move through the curriculum.

I love Yomimono's combination of structured learning paths and spaced repetition. I'm motivated to do a little bit every day, and the website keeps getting better all the time.


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Everything you need to learn Japanese, all in one place.


  • 80 beginner lessons covering enough kanji, vocabulary and grammar to get you to around a JLPT N5 level
  • 8 kana lessons covering all the hiragana and katakana
  • Over 4500 interactive practice questions
  • A purpose built spaced repetition system to help you remember what you learn
  • Hundreds of native Japanese audio recordings
  • A daily goal system to help you stay motivated

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Yomimono smartly tackles the study of Japanese from different angles at a time—from symbols and concepts all the way to forming sentences from the get-go. Its developers and the community they created are super kind and knowledgeable, making for an enthusiastic learning experience.

Jamil Jaar

Can I get a refund?

Contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

What level will my Japanese be at the end of this course?

If you study and make sure you understand all of the course material, you will be around the JLPT N5 level. This is similar to other beginner level textbooks such as Genki.

How long does this course take to finish?

80 lessons (88 including kana) would take around 3 months if you complete one lesson every day. This is our recommended way to work through the course, but you can go faster or slower if you wish.

How long will I have access to this course?

There is no time limit. Your purchase grants you lifetime access.

Is the price a one time fee or a monthly subscription?

One time fee.