Upcoming release schedule

We’re going to be changing the way we release new lessons and content in the future. Up until now new lessons have been released infrequently as part of other updates. Usually when we release a new feature we just tack on a handful of new lessons as well. This has meant that a lot of the new content we have introduced has flown under the radar, and has also meant that we’ve had long periods with nothing new, then a bunch of stuff all at once.

Starting next Monday (18/10), we will be releasing new lessons individually at a rate of about 2-3 per week. We’ll post the announcement of each new lesson on Instagram, Twitter and Discord. We want to finish off the Beginner lessons (70ish) by the beginning of next year and releasing new lessons is our main priority until then.

Feature release schedule

While Shiho is spending all of her time focusing on finishing off the Beginner lessons, I’m still working on new features and just doing any other small job that comes up. There are a bunch of small improvements I’ll be making but the main ‘big’ features that I’ll be focusing over the next few months are the SRS and the How to learn Japanese guide:


This will be very different from previous iterations, and hopefully much easier to understand and use. The plan at the moment is that once a lesson is fully leveled up (the flower is completely grown) then it will dry out and need to be watered again. Every time you do this, it takes a longer amount of time to dry out again. This SRS will be focused around whole lessons, rather than individual kanji/vocab/grammar like previous iterations were.

How to learn Japanese guide.

A series of blog articles that discuss the topic of learning Japanese. Haven’t fully decided if this will just be a series of static blog posts, or a more interactive roadmap that also displays your own progress as well. But regardless of what it turns out to be, we want to provide a better way to help guide you on your Japanese language journey as opposed to just giving you a long list of lessons and sending you on your way.

As I mentioned before, I will also be developing a bunch of smaller improvements and features. I probably wont do a an announcement for every smaller thing that I update, but I’ll do recaps occasionally to keep everyone in the loop.

Whats new

Talking about smaller features... So the website now has a way to report bugs and contact us directly. At the bottom of the lesson and practice pages you’ll see a little ‘Report’ button. If you press this you can send us a little message that something is broken. It will tell us the exact lesson/practice item that the report is for so we can fix it much easier.

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