Inclusive particle も

Describe two items with the same characteristic

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KanjiVocabularyInclusive particle も


Inside, Middle, In, Center


Blue, Green

Younger sister

Younger brother



America, The United States of America​


American person, American


Middle school student, Junior high school student





Younger sister, Little sister

Younger brother, Little brother

Inclusive particle も

In Beginner Lesson 1, we learned how to create sentences with the structure of X is Y by using the word です. In this lesson, we are going to learn the particle which allows us to form sentences with the structure of Z is Y too. Let's take a look at an example conversation between two people:

  • ケンはアメリカじんです。
  • Ken is American.
  • わたしもアメリカじんです。
  • I am American, too.

The second sentence shows the usage of the particle . It is very similar to the X is Y structure of the first sentence, but the particle has been replaced with the particle. The particle indicates that item Z has the same given property as the item X. In the example above, “I” has the same characteristic (being American) as Ken.

In English you can place the word “too” at the end of a sentence. In Japanese the particle has to come right after the item that shares the given property.

Here are a few more examples of the particle :

  • うみあおいです。
  • The sea is blue.
  • そらあおいです。
  • The sky is blue too.
  • アメリカはおおきいです。
  • America is big.
  • 中国ちゅうごくおおきいです。
  • China is big too.

The shared property can be omitted from the second sentence when it is obvious. Here are the sentences from above, but with the shared property omitted:

  • うみあおいです。
  • The sea is blue.
  • そらもです。
  • The sky is too.
  • アメリカはおおきいです。
  • America is big.
  • 中国ちゅうごくもです。
  • China is too.

The two sentences can be put together by placing the particle after item X and Z as shown below:

  • ケンもわたしもアメリカじんです。
  • Ken and I are both American.
  • いもうとおとうと中学生ちゅうがくせいです。
  • My younger sister and younger brother are both middle school students.
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