Comparative 2

Compare more than three items

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KanjiVocabularyComparative 2


Number, Turn

Mask, Surface, Face

Dangerous, Fear, Uneasy

Move, Motion

Slow, Late, Later

Family, Tribe



Number one, Best, First


Interesting, Funny, Enjoyable


Dangerous, Risky




Slow, Late



Comparative 2

Comparing more than three items

When selecting one item from three or more items, the word 一番いちばん is used to express which one is the top among the compared items.

  • ねこ一番いちばんきです。
  • I like cats the most.
  • いもうと一番いちばん面白おもしろいいです。
  • My younger sister is the funniest.

You can add scope to what you are comparing by using the particle , or the phrase X の なか which means within. The examples above will therefore be:

  • ねこ動物どうぶつ一番いちばんきです。
  • I like cats the most out of all the animals.
  • いもうと家族かぞくなか一番いちばん面白おもしろいいです。
  • My younger sister is the funniest of the family.

Question forms

When asking which item is the top among more than three items in Japanese you can use the following pronouns: どれ for items, だれ for people, and どこ for places. Let’s take a look at some example sentences below:

  • くるま電車でんしゃとバス、どれが一番いちばんおそいですか?
  • Which is the slowest among cars, trains, and buses?
  • ケンと花子はなことリリーでは、だれ一番いちばん面白おもしろいいですか?
  • Who is the funniest among Ken, Hanako and Lily?
  • 公園こうえんとスーパーとコンビニのなかで、どこが一番いちばんあぶないですか?
  • Where is the most dangerous among the park, supermarket and convenience store?

As shown above, there multiple ways to list items: X と Y と Z, X と Y と Z では, and X と Y と Z のなか. The phrase なか can be used to stop repetitive usage of the particle.

  • 乗り物のりものなかなに一番いちばんおそいですか?
  • What vehicle is the slowest?
  • 三人さんにんなかだれ一番いちばん面白おもしろいいですか?
  • Who is the funniest among the three people?

The question pronoun なに is commonly used, instead of どれ, when scoping the items with the phrase なか. The pronoun どれ is used when choosing from specifically listed items like これ, それ, あれ. On the other hand, the pronoun なに is used when choosing one from broad options.

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