Beginner 3

This level is still UNFINISHED. New lessons are being added weekly with more kanji, vocabulary and grammar.

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What you will learn

  • 14 kanji
  • 32 vocabulary
  • A new form of verb
  • How to make requests
  • How to express wants
  • How to modify nouns with verbs
  • And more!


  • You should complete the Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 levels first


1. て-forms

How to conjugate each type of verb to its て-form

2. Verb sequencing

Explain actions in a sequence

3. Want

Three expressions that include "want": "I want to do X", "I want X", and "I want someone to do X"

4. Please give me

How to request an item or ask for an action

5. May and must

Express a permitted action, a non-necessary action and a prohibited action

6. Action in progress

Express action in progress using ている

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